[1.0.91] - 2019-10-06


  • Reverse Proxy: Do not retry failed requests to limit pressure on the peer
  • Mastodon API: Add support for fields_attributes API parameter (setting custom fields)


  • Mastodon API: Inability to get some local users by nickname in /api/v1/accounts/:id_or_nickname
  • Mastodon API: Blocks are now treated consistently between the Streaming API and the Timeline APIs
  • ActivityPub: Correct addressing of Undo.
  • ActivityPub: Correct addressing of profile update activities.
  • ActivityPub: Polls are now refreshed when necessary.
  • Mastodon API: Ensure the account field is not empty when rendering Notification entities.
  • Report emails now include functional links to profiles of remote user accounts
  • Mastodon API: Fix private and direct statuses not being filtered out from the public timeline for an authenticated user (GET /api/v1/timelines/public)


  • ActivityPub: The /objects/:uuid/likes endpoint.


  • The Pleroma.FlakeId module has been replaced with the flake_id library.