[2.0.3] - 2020-05-02


  • Disallow re-registration of previously deleted users, which allowed viewing direct messages addressed to them
  • Mastodon API: Fix POST /api/v1/follow_requests/:id/authorize allowing to force a follow from a local user even if they didn't reques t to follow
  • CSP: Sandbox uploads


  • Notifications from blocked domains
  • Potential federation issues with Mastodon versions before 3.0.0
  • HTTP Basic Authentication permissions issue
  • Follow/Block imports not being able to find the user if the nickname started with an @
  • Instance stats counting internal users
  • Inability to run a From Source release without git
  • ObjectAgePolicy didn't filter out old messages
  • blob: urls not being allowed by CSP


  • NodeInfo: ObjectAgePolicy settings to the federation list.
  • Follow request notifications
API Changes - Admin API: `GET /api/pleroma/admin/need_reboot`.

Upgrade notes

  1. Restart Pleroma
  2. Run database migrations (inside Pleroma directory):
  • OTP: ./bin/pleroma_ctl migrate
  • From Source: mix ecto.migrate