Commit 79276c24 authored by Izalia Mae's avatar Izalia Mae
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Sign headers when fetching actor

parent c044dbb6
......@@ -88,13 +88,11 @@ async def fetch_actor_key(actor):
if not actor_data:
return None
if 'publicKey' not in actor_data:
return None
if 'publicKeyPem' not in actor_data['publicKey']:
return None
return RSA.importKey(actor_data['publicKey']['publicKeyPem'])
return RSA.importKey(actor_data['publicKey']['publicKeyPem'])
except Exception as e:
logging.debug(f'Exception occured while fetching actor key: {e}')
async def validate(actor, request):
import logging
import aiohttp
from . import CONFIG
from .http_debug import http_debug
from cachetools import TTLCache
from datetime import datetime
from urllib.parse import urlsplit
from . import CONFIG
from .http_debug import http_debug
CACHE_SIZE = CONFIG.get('cache-size', 16384)
......@@ -12,22 +15,42 @@ CACHE_TTL = CONFIG.get('cache-ttl', 3600)
async def fetch_actor(uri, headers={}, force=False):
async def fetch_actor(uri, headers={}, force=False, sign_headers=True):
if uri in ACTORS and not force:
return ACTORS[uri]
new_headers = {'Accept': 'application/activity+json'}
from .actor import PRIVKEY
from .http_signatures import sign_headers
url = urlsplit(uri)
key_id = 'https://{}/actor#main-key'.format(CONFIG['ap']['host'])
for k,v in headers.items():
new_headers[k.capitalize()] = v
'Accept': 'application/activity+json',
'User-Agent': 'ActivityRelay'
if sign_headers:
'(request-target)': 'get {}'.format(url.path),
'Date': datetime.utcnow().strftime('%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT'),
'Host': url.netloc
headers['signature'] = sign_headers(headers, PRIVKEY, key_id)
async with aiohttp.ClientSession(trace_configs=[http_debug()]) as session:
async with session.get(uri, headers=new_headers) as resp:
async with session.get(uri, headers=headers) as resp:
if resp.status != 200:
return None
ACTORS[uri] = (await resp.json(encoding='utf-8', content_type=None))
return ACTORS[uri]
except Exception as e:'Caught %r while fetching actor %r.', e, uri)
return None
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