Commit 24e1adf6 authored by Tae Hoon's avatar Tae Hoon

Add back accidently removed logic

parent 0e86681a
<template> <template>
<basic-user-card :user="user"> <basic-user-card :user="user">
<div class="follow-card-content-container"> <div class="follow-card-content-container">
<span class="faint"> <span class="faint" v-if="!noFollowsYou && user.follows_you">
{{ isMe ? $t('user_card.its_you') : $t('user_card.follows_you') }} {{ isMe ? $t('user_card.its_you') : $t('user_card.follows_you') }}
</span> </span>
<button <button
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