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Download the Best File Management Applications on Android

Download the best file management apps to keep your documents, including photos and videos, under wraps. Put your stuff in the cloud to free up space on your phone.

File management on a phone is a difficult task, especially in the case that your phone’s memory is filled with things that are not even used anymore. Sometimes, you download many unnecessary things when

buying new devices, and are too lazy to remove them or sort through tons of old photos, videos and documents stored in the depths of your device’s memory. Fortunately, there are many very useful file

management apps available on Android, which can help you solve this matter. Here are a few of our favourites.

Astro Cloud & File Manager


Astro Cloud & File Manager is an effective file management application for Android. With this app, users can manage cloud storage and general storage on their phone. Moreover, thanks to the Astro’s feature of

“CLOUD HOPPING (TM)”, users can move files from one cloud service to another by copying and pasting (without downloading) files onto their devices before uploading onto another cloud service.

Compared to many other file management apps, the advantages of Astro Cloud & File Manager are that it is easy to use, features compression and decompression support, app backup and restore, and has no ads.

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ASUS File Manager

ASUS File Manager is simple: an easy-to-use interface, that allows easy access to files from multiple locations, including internal storage, on the SD card, and in cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and

Google Drive.

On its main page, all the images, videos, music, and PDFs files, etc., will be shown with the capacity of internal memory for each file. Besides this, the feature allows users to transfer files on a computer from their

phones wirelessly and vice versa is also offered in ASUS File Manager. This app runs on all smartphones with no ads.



AirDroid is an application for Android which offers the features of synchronizing your phone and computer; providing remote file management. Furthermore, this app also allows users to move the files and folders

from their devices to another; even run apps and receive notifications in the form of SMS. In addition, installing or uninstalling applications from a remote place can be implemented thanks to AirDroid. It also offers

an integrated system to protect your data and in the case of intrusion, you can lock or even delete all confidential information remotely.

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It is rated as a remarkable and easy-to-use app allowing users to exchange files between a smartphone and a computer via the WiFi network. Using Portal, you can easily transfer one or more large files in many

formats to your smartphone while your pictures are automatically synchronized with the Gallery. It’s worth noting that you do not need to download Portal on your device like other apps, just visit its website: and then scan the QR code when installing this app on your phone. Besides this, devices (including computer and smartphones) must share the same wireless network in order to connect with

each other. The speed of sharing files is quite fast as the data is transferred over the Wifi network. After the sharing process is done, you can click on Disconnect on the website to finish the file sharing and the

screen will return to its original interface.

We hope that this article will be useful for you when selecting your file management app.

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