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7 V moments prove to be a creative genius of BTS

Kim Taehyung, also known as V, is a member of the BTS who is famous for his unique voice and attractive appearance. However, the V BTS also has a variety of "underground" talent, not only for singing voice.

Like other BTS members, V can be proud of his talent and ability to sense his deep things. The way that Taehyung looks at the world seems to be filled with curiosity and desire to explore. Whether it is in the field of photography, literature, music, or even playing games, it is not hard for fans to encounter V moments that show their particular wisdom. Here are some V moments showing that he has more than his looks:


1.Make poetry in 'Run BTS'

BTS members showed their ability to compose poetry in an episode of the reality show 'Run BTS'. Although just a short poem composed "fun" but V easily made the members laughed out of the creative and with that is the deep sensitivity behind his words. The word "no big deal" is explained by V as though BTS is difficult, then eventually all members will pass together. It is simple but meaningful.

2.The famous quote "I purple you!" ARMY is certainly happy to have a psychological and sensitive idol like V. The meaning of the sentence is explained: "Purple is the last color of the rainbow. Purple means that you will trust and love you for a long time. V's words not only immediately gained attention throughout the fandom but also the members of the same group responded to his movement. V often says "I purple you" in the opening greetings and ends in concert or on the media with ARMY.

3.Passion for art

V has a special passion for the arts. He loves photography and the pictures were taken by V are all very different angles. The singer is also a fan of famous artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat. He revealed that he was practicing drawing and even showed the ARMY some sketches of his drawing. Having tried his paintings on his own clothes, he reveals his drawings inspired by Basquiat.

4.Excellent background knowledge

The fans may not be familiar with the moments when all the members doubt V's answer but in the end he has the right answer. Whether on reality shows or in small games on 'Run BTS', V has repeatedly shown that he has a broad knowledge of many areas, especially art.


5.Be resourceful

V's quick and agile technique helps him to complete difficult challenges in variety shows easily. For example, once a member has to stand on a piece of wood on the water surface and transfer the coca from one bottle to another. While most BTS members simply choose to pour coca into the empty bottle, V puts the two bottles closer together like an hourglass and this makes it look much more efficient. Not to say how V's surprise and how to help him overcome the challenge.

6.Acting skills

Participation in 'Hwarang' turned out to help V pretty much in participating in the game, one of which is used to ... trick the BTS members themselves. In an episode of 'Run BTS', he makes everyone cheat. Playing the spy, along with Suga and Jimin, acted with the speed of V helping his team win.

7.TATA in BT21

Add a good example to the special creativity of V: ​​TATA. When asked to create a new character in the Line Friend series, V confirmed that TATA would be a unique character, instead of something adorable and sure that ARMY would like the character. This is more. Not only a heart, TATA can also become all you want. It can be a person, a dog, a bat or an umbrella, ... TATA is an alien character that will give you what you most want. Whether it's love, protection, curiosity or just a little entertainment. TATA is one that anyone can rely on.


V's unique concept has made TATA's character particularly successful as one of the most popular characters in BT21! Does this really deserve the effort and creativity that the male idol has given out?

Hopefully, with the information above you have a better understanding of V and if you love this guy too, do not forget to follow and support him on the road of a music career. You can refer more about V profile here:

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