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Momoland returns with a new album after the success of 'BBOOM BBOOM'

MOMOLAND Kpop suddenly emerged earlier this year after the hit "BBOOM BBOOM" broke the domestic charts, is expected to soon become a new power in the wave of young girls today. So many people are looking forward to their next comeback after "BBOOM BBOOM", waiting to see if MOMOLAND can take advantage of the previous success and completely get rid of the anonymous label or not.

Recently, MOMOLAND has returned with a new song called "BAAM". Abandoning a slew of controversial issues such as "BAAM" has the same melody as "BBOOM BBOOM", or the unimpressive performance of the hitman who rained all over the charts. Earlier this year, there was another issue of MOMOLAND being debated all over the Internet. That is the ability to sing live in the group.


After the release of the new song, the girls also quickly brought "BAAM" to the show on weekly music shows. But from here, a serious problem arises when many people think that the MR Removed video (removing the background music, leaving just the real live voice) of MOMOLAND is really poor. Specifically, with the performance on "The Show" on June 26th, MOMOLAND's MR Removed video was almost unheard of by the members. Even so, many people are sarcastic that the only sound they hear in these videos is the fanboy scream.

In other MR Removed videos made from the next performances of "BAAM" on music shows, it looks like the situation is no better than how. Netizens everywhere, if you judge hands down except Jane, Daisy, and Taeha, they did not hear the voice of any other members. In particular, famous members like Nancy and Yeonwoo are the most disappointing ones in these videos.

> Watch now:

With MR Removed videos like this, many people do not regret the criticism of MOMOLAND's live performance. According to them, the girls have completely screwed up (or sang over the background music) in their performances. According to the audience, this is a very disappointing thing, because the rookie groups are often very active singing live to confirm their true ability. Some even cited MR


Removed by another young group, I-DLE (G), to show how the talent gaps between two girlgroups are being talked about recently. However, there are some arguments for defending and protecting MOMOLAND in this situation. Many netizens believe that audiences should not overemphasize MR Removed videos, as they can be used as a way to "drown" artists through distortion. In addition, some fans have acknowledged their idol's live performance, but still, believe that they are not so badly criticized that the song's lackluster choreography Can affect the physical strength and tone of the members.

What do you think of MOMOLAND's live performance? If you are a fan of these girls do not forget to follow and support them to make them even more successful. If you are still curious about the secrets from these girls can refer to here:

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