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UP10TION members is a Korean boyband that has been well received by fans since its debut. Boys are not only talented but also attractive and impressive. On 10th December, UP10TION drew attention when announcing the MV of the performance version with the beautiful performance of the new song "Blue Rose" through the official SNS.


In the MV, UP10TION showed dance routines while performing the V-band in a rhythmic, accurate way with the longest domino choreography. In addition, the group performed a unique structure by taking Wei member centered, then split into two sides as opposites, adding to the drama's drama and making viewers imagine the hunt. between "fugitive" and "pursuer".

UP10TION has shown the charisma of the group when it comes to the strong point with the hit "hammer dance" along the curves sexy in the implementation of the V-shaped.

**> Up10tion songs: ** UP10TION attracts the attention of the viewers as they show off their dazzling uniforms and show their dance routines in red and blue. The sight of black shadows also makes the dance more mysterious and suspenseful.

The new song "Blue Rose" is a hip-hop trap that the band first attempted. The beginning, ending, and ending of the song have a clear and dramatic melody, which makes it easy for the listener.


In addition, the content of the song also uses the meaning of the blue rose is "love cannot get" to talk about love even though it hurt but more and more immersed in it, can not escape.

On the 14th, UP10TION will be performing their new song "Blue Rose" on KBS Music Bank.


Thus, with this impressive and attractive return, UP10TION Kpop has brought the audience a moment of great enjoyment. If you also love this group, do not forget to cheer and wish them more success!

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