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The top 13 2nd generation groups still stand in Kpop

For many Kpop fans, the 2nd generation idol is the most golden generation of music in the land of kimchi. This is the period of birth to the extremely successful music groups, the best hits in Kpop history that are still recognized for now so popular. In particular, the company has many of the oldest active groups are SM Entertainment.

1.SDBS (15 years) DBSK debuted in December 2003 and has been very successful over the past decade. After JYJ's departure in 2010, the group continued to work with two members, Yunho and Changmin, until they were absent for a while due to military service. After returning to full-fledged teams at the end of last year, DBSK's concerts were all sold out, bringing in the biggest sales of SM, singles were always top of the charts. The latest Korean album of the "New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love" group released earlier this year immediately reached # 1 on Gaon's Album chart.

2.Super Junior (13 years)

Super Junior debuted in November 2005 with 12 members. Even after the change in members over the years, as well as the members who have completed their military service, Super Junior continues to release albums continuously. Their single earlier this year "Lo Siento" made a big boost. This is the first song of Kpop to be on the Billboard Latin sales chart and at the same time ranked No. 2 in Billboard's worldwide sales chart. This is the really impressive success of this 13-year-old group.

3.BIG BANG (12 years)


BIG BANG debuted in August 2006 and has dominated the Kpop charts throughout the past few years. Currently, 4 out of 5 members are currently serving in the military, youngest Seungri is still active as a solo singer. Last June, he successfully held his first solo concert on the occasion of 12 years of debut, enlisting the remaining months before joining the army with the members. Let's wait for a strong return of 5 members in the near future.

4.F.T.ISLAND (11 years) F.T.ISLAND was launched in June 2007. Although there was a small lineup changed in the early years, they still reached the 11-year milestone in their career. At the end of last year, the group released a year-end album to celebrate their impressive anniversary. The group is also very busy working to release music in both Japan and Korea. Up to now, F.T.ISLAND is still one of the top Korean bands.

5.SNSD (11 years) SNSD debuted in July 2007 and has become the most successful girlgroup in Kpop history. Although experiencing a big change when Jessica left the group in 2014, plus Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun decided not to renew their contract with SM Entertainment after 10 years, the group still exists and continues to release. Music products to assert their position. Recently, the small group "Oh! GG" debuted with the song "Lil 'touch" -ca song with a catchy and charming melody, attracting great attention from domestic and foreign audiences. Until now, fans can still count on SNSD's strength and will see 8 girls standing on the same stage in the near future.

6.2PM (10 years)

2PM debuted in September 2008, simultaneously operating in both Korea and Japan. Since after Jay Park's scandal forced him to leave the group in 2009, the team's roster remained unchanged. Fans were also extremely worried when Taecyeon did not renew his contract with JYP Entertainment with the rest of the members, but despite signing a contract with another company, Taecyeon will continue with 2PM. The album of the group "Gentlemen’s Game" was released two years ago and fans are still waiting for the comeback of the boys in the future.

7.SHINee (10 years)


SHINee debuted in May 2008 and has enrolled in history as one of the rare Kpop groups without a roster change during many years of operation. Sadly, the sudden departure of the main vocalist Jonghyun shook the domestic and international media. The group spent a lot of songs and performances to commemorate their departed friends like "Good Evening", "I Want You", "Our Page" and most recently the album "The Story of Light".

8.Davichi (10 years) Davichi duo launched in February 2008 and has become one of the most famous female duets in Kpop with the voice "terrible" not inferior to the international diva. During their active years, they have challenged many genres and are most successful with ballad music and soundtracks. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of his debut, Davichi released the album "& 10" with the single "Days Without You" and is still supported by fans.

9.B2ST / HIGHLIGHT (9 years) HIGHLIGHT (formerly BEAST) debuted in October 2009. After Hyunseung left the group, the remaining members left Cube Entertainment to set up their own company. Although their own activities are not easy, they continue to work hard and release the latest mini album "Celebrate" in October 2017.

10.Girl's Day Girl's Day was released in July 2010. It is one of the longest running girl groups that have yet to disband even though they have experienced a number of roster changes. Their recent release album "Girls Day Everyday # 5" in March 2017 and reached the 7th position on the Billboard World Album chart. The group is expected to return this year but it's hard to know when.

11.CNBLUE (8 years) CNBLUE is a male band released in January 2010. They have been successful in many fields including singing and acting. Their latest album was released in 2017 called "7ºCN" and the 14th single "Shake" reached No. 5 on the Oricon singles chart. All members have now joined the army, but fans are still waiting for the stage with full members by 2020.

12.TEEN TOP (8 years) TEEN TOP made its debut in July 2010. To celebrate the 7th year of the group and after the departure of L.Joe, they released an album titled "HIGH FIVE" in mid-2017. Their most recent comeback was earlier this year with "Seoul Night" and has stayed on the charts for a long time.

13.INFINITE (8 years) INFINITE debuted in June 2010. And in 2017, all members (except Hoya) decided to renew their contract with the agency and continue to work together. The group continued with 6 members and released their first full album "Top Seed" after 4 years of the debut.

What is your favorite and favorite Kpop group? Although there are now many new music groups established, the above artists still occupy the position in the hearts of Kpop music audiences. You can refer more here:

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