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    Account archive download (#6460) · 61ed133f
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Fix #201: Account archive download
    * Export actor and private key in the archive
    * Optimize BackupService
    - Add conversation to cached associations of status, because
      somehow it was forgotten and is source of N+1 queries
    - Explicitly call GC between batches of records being fetched
      (Model class allocations are the worst offender)
    - Stream media files into the tar in 1MB chunks
      (Do not allocate media file (up to 8MB) as string into memory)
    - Use #bytesize instead of #size to calculate file size for JSON
      (Fix FileOverflow error)
    - Segment media into subfolders by status ID because apparently
      GIF-to-MP4 media are all named "media.mp4" for some reason
    * Keep uniquely generated filename in Paperclip::GifTranscoder
    * Ensure dumped files do not overwrite each other by maintaing directory partitions
    * Give tar archives a good name
    * Add scheduler to remove week-old backups
    * Fix code style issue