Commit 81177cc9 authored by Angelina Filippova's avatar Angelina Filippova

Show only those MRF settings that are enabled in MRF policies

parent 94e07f1e
<div v-if="!loading" :class="isSidebarOpen" class="form-container">
<div v-for="setting in mrfSettings" :key="setting.key">
<el-form :model="getSettingData(setting)" :label-position="labelPosition" :label-width="labelWidth">
<el-form v-if="showMrfPolicy(setting.key)" :model="getSettingData(setting)" :label-position="labelPosition" :label-width="labelWidth">
<setting :setting-group="setting" :data="getSettingData(setting)"/>
<el-divider v-if="setting" class="divider thick-line"/>
<el-divider v-if="setting" class="divider thick-line"/>
<div class="submit-button-container">
<el-button class="submit-button" type="primary" @click="onSubmit">Submit</el-button>
......@@ -70,6 +70,16 @@ export default {
type: 'success',
message: i18n.t('settings.success')
showMrfPolicy(key) {
const selectedMrfPolicies = _.get(this.settings.settings, [':pleroma', ':mrf', ':policies'])
const mappedPolicies = this.mrfSettings.reduce((acc, { key, related_policy }) => {
if (key !== ':mrf') {
acc[key] = related_policy
return acc
}, {})
return !Object.keys(mappedPolicies).includes(key) || selectedMrfPolicies.includes(mappedPolicies[key])
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