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chore(deps): update babel monorepo

renovate-bot requested to merge renovate/babel-monorepo into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
@babel/core (source) devDependencies minor 7.18.13 -> 7.19.1
@babel/plugin-transform-runtime (source) devDependencies minor 7.18.10 -> 7.19.1
@babel/preset-env (source) devDependencies minor 7.18.10 -> 7.19.1
@babel/runtime (source) dependencies minor 7.18.9 -> 7.19.0

Release Notes



Compare Source

🐛 Bug Fix


Compare Source

👓 Spec Compliance
🚀 New Feature
  • babel-generator, babel-helpers, babel-parser, babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babel-plugin-syntax-decorators, babel-runtime-corejs2, babel-runtime-corejs3, babel-runtime
  • babel-parser
  • babel-generator, babel-parser
  • babel-standalone
  • babel-helper-create-regexp-features-plugin, babel-helpers, babel-plugin-proposal-duplicate-named-capturing-groups-regex, babel-plugin-transform-named-capturing-groups-regex, babel-standalone
🐛 Bug Fix
  • babel-helper-function-name, babel-helper-wrap-function, babel-plugin-transform-classes
    • #​14897 Fix: class transform should not drop method definition when key contains non-BMP characters (@​JLHwung)
  • babel-plugin-transform-typescript
  • babel-parser
  • babel-helper-builder-react-jsx
💅 Polish
📝 Documentation
🏠 Internal


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