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  • Administrating a pleroma instance can be an unnecessarily bothersome task, given that currently that it’s done either via abandoned “AdminFE” UI done by outsider who left the project or through editing text files. PleromaFE has some groundwork for an admin dashboard done already, what’s left is implementing missing stuff (which is a lot). Milestone(s) • User Management (€ 2000) • Emoji Management (€ 2000) • Remaining simple tabs (mailer, media, etc) (€ 1000) • Dynamic, server-provided tabs (€ 2000) • Frontend configuration from within frontend (add custom themes from UI) (€ 2000)
  • PleromaFE works really well on mobile but certain things are still missing or missing for an average user not on a customized instance. There are some extra issues and annoyances related to the UI of it, including performance in certain cases. - Proper PWA manifest with instance-specific customization (favicons et al) (€ 500) - Native notifications for chrome on android (€ 500) - Share API support (€ 500) - Proper virtual scrolling for all relevant pages (€ 1000) - Better OAuth token management (€ 500) - Settings synchronization (€ 1000) - Pagination instead of infinite scroll (€ 500) - Resizable/scalable UI (€ 500)
  • A lot of chatting solutions are often extremely clunky and not a lot of people want to use yet another app/network. People are on fediverse already, and some are already using DMs (or Pleroma Chats) but experience is severely lacking, so let’s improve it. At best we could make a usable instant messaging on top of fediverse, at worst we’re improve lives of people who already using it like one. This task is a bit open-ended and subject to change. Milestone(s) • Port and improve chat UI to be usable on threads (€ 1000) • Shoutbox improvement (permanence, notifications etc) (€ 500)
  • Customization has been one of the biggest selling points of Pleroma, but it has since fallen into stagnation and disrepair. Let’s improve on that. We should also improve QoL for our users too. Milestone(s) • Better admin control of defaults and user’s ability to override it (€ 500) • Separation of some accessibility and comfort settings from theme (€ 500) • Overhaul of theming support (€ 1000) • Streaming API utilization (sync settings change, sync Read status etc) (€ 500) • Group actor support (integrated “bot” that repeats all of its mentions) (€ 500) • Post actions customization (€ 500) • User profile overhaul (€ 1000) • Accessibility (process WCAG quick scan results) (€ 1000)
  • People been using the fediverse for a pretty long time, and currently the tools users have to adjust their experience and view/control their data are pretty limited, often requiring to join/set up an instance with some customizations to enable i.e. automatic deletion of old posts. Milestone(s) • Media management (€ 1000) • Bulk data management to mass-wipe chats, DMs, posts, set up automatic deletion of old stuff etc. (€ 2000) • Support for username change (€ 1000) • Better blocks/mutes (regex muting, timed mutes/blocks, mutes of mentioned users etc) (€ 2000)