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    Redesign the landing page, mount public timeline on it (#4122) · e19eefe2
    Eugen Rochko authored
    * Redesign the landing page, mount public timeline on it
    * Adjust the standalone mounted component to the lacking of router
    * Adjust auth layout pages to new design
    * Fix tests
    * Standalone public timeline polling every 5 seconds
    * Remove now obsolete translations
    * Add responsive design for new landing page
    * Address reviews
    * Add floating clouds behind frontpage form
    * Use access token from public page when available
    * Fix mentions and hashtags links, cursor on status content in standalone mode
    * Add footer link to source code
    * Fix errors on pages that don't embed the component, use classnames
    * Fix tests
    * Change anonymous autoPlayGif default to false
    * When gif autoplay is disabled, hover to play
    * Add option to hide the timeline preview
    * Slightly improve alt layout
    * Add elephant friend to new frontpage
    * Display "back to mastodon" in place of "login" when logged in on frontpage
    * Change polling time to 3s