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    Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into disjointed-popovers · 4dc4a912
    HJ authored
    * origin/develop:
      add SK (Slovak) translation
      ReactButton: Workaround for android composition mode
      EmojiPicker: Workaround to search immediately on mobile
      Fix top bar input text colour
      Show underlay for mobile
      Fix tests
      Add English translations for correctly i18nized time units
      Delegate relativeTime plural rules to vue-i18n
      restore notifications page, fix z-index issues
      Make lint happy
      Add English translations for backup UI
      Add backup UI
      Add English translation for list aliases error
      Log errors when listing aliases
      Add changelog
      Add Engilsh translation for migration
      Add frontend ui for aliases and migration
      Change translation key
      Explain better what delete does in moderation menu
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