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[i18n] Update for the Occitan language file

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......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@
"timeline": "Flux d’actualitat",
"twkn": "Lo malhum conegut",
"user_search": "Cèrca d’utilizaires",
"search": "Cercar",
"who_to_follow": "Qual seguir",
"preferences": "Preferéncias"
......@@ -91,7 +92,15 @@
"expires_in": "Lo sondatge s’acabarà {0}",
"expired": "Sondatge acabat {0}",
"not_enough_options": "I a pas pro d’opcions"
"stickers": {
"add_sticker": "Ajustar un pegasolet"
"interactions": {
"favs_repeats": "Repeticions e favorits",
"follows": "Nòus seguidors",
"load_older": "Cargar d’interaccions anterioras"
"post_status": {
"new_status": "Publicar d’estatuts novèls",
"account_not_locked_warning": "Vòstre compte es pas {0}. Qual que siá pòt vos seguir per veire vòstras publicacions destinadas pas qu’a vòstres seguidors.",
......@@ -269,7 +278,7 @@
"streaming": "Activar lo cargament automatic dels novèls estatus en anar amont",
"text": "Tèxte",
"theme": "Tèma",
"theme_help_v2_1": "You can also override certain component's colors and opacity by toggling the checkbox, use \"Clear all\" button to clear all overrides.",
"theme_help_v2_1": "Podètz tanben remplaçar la color d’unes compausants en clicant la case, utilizatz lo boton \"O escafar tot\" per escafar totes las subrecargadas.",
"theme_help_v2_2": "Icons underneath some entries are background/text contrast indicators, hover over for detailed info. Please keep in mind that when using transparency contrast indicators show the worst possible case.",
"theme_help": "Emplegatz los còdis de color hex (#rrggbb) per personalizar vòstre tèma de color.",
"tooltipRadius": "Astúcias/alèrtas",
......@@ -280,12 +289,12 @@
"true": "òc"
"notifications": "Notificacions",
"notification_setting": "Receber las notificacions de :",
"notification_setting": "Recebre las notificacions de :",
"notification_setting_follows": "Utilizaires que seguissètz",
"notification_setting_non_follows": "Utilizaires que seguissètz pas",
"notification_setting_followers": "Utilizaires que vos seguisson",
"notification_setting_non_followers": "Utilizaires que vos seguisson pas",
"notification_mutes": "Per receber pas mai d’un utilizaire en particular, botatz-lo en silenci.",
"notification_mutes": "Per recebre pas mai d’un utilizaire en particular, botatz-lo en silenci.",
"notification_blocks": "Blocar un utilizaire arrèsta totas las notificacions tan coma quitar de los seguir.",
"enable_web_push_notifications": "Activar las notificacions web push",
"style": {
......@@ -477,6 +486,8 @@
"per_day": "per jorn",
"remote_follow": "Seguir a distància",
"statuses": "Estatuts",
"subscribe": "S’abonar",
"unsubscribe": "Se desabonar",
"unblock": "Desblocar",
"unblock_progress": "Desblocatge...",
"block_progress": "Blocatge...",
......@@ -532,5 +543,12 @@
"GiB": "Gio",
"TiB": "Tio"
"search": {
"people": "Gent",
"hashtags": "Etiquetas",
"person_talking": "{count} persona ne parla",
"people_talking": "{count} personas ne parlan",
"no_results": "Cap de resultats"
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