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Migration to Vue 3 (again)

HJ requested to merge vue3-again into develop

This is more organized and cleaned up version of previous attempt (which was, pretty much a deep dive head-first into toilet bowl).

This should mostly work, but certain things are really broken rn; I'll keep a list:

  • Sticker picker completely broken
    • This is caused by (again) tab-switcher. I will need to change it AGAIN to pre-render its slot and iterate over that since it pretty much iterates on some sort of not-fully-realized template (?)
  • Tabs can't be disabled (?) see above, visible on user profile page - "media" tab always enabled.
  • Transitions/animations do not work
  • Anything that uses with_load_more doesn't work. Something to do with slots
    • Followers/following tabs in user profiles
    • Pretty much the entirety of Mutes/Blocks tab in settings
    • Listeners aren't passed (not sure if needed at all)
  • Chat message view is broken (???)
  • Some routing is somewhat broken (notably - the fancy urls end up being /(users/)?username)
    • Fixed the (users/)? part but there's more like it i believe.
  • Tooltip for scope icon (in statuses) no longer capitalized. Needs proper i18n
  • Interactions view doesn't have tab switcher (grrr)
  • Some i18n warnings in some places (not with compat build)
  • Some warnings about events emitted not being declared (not with compat build)
  • Serviceworker untouched, definitely doesn't work (compiles now but not sure if works)
  • Minor spacing errors, most likely due to spaces always being dropped
  • Theme tab is broken (not with compat build)
  • Post content type selects show empty by default
  • Inline usercards don't open instead direct to user profile page immediately
  • Show Advanced checkmark doesn't work
  • Fixed tests... mostly. Shit's as stable as box of dynamite though. Seems like mocha is less supported now and compat build might be interfering with vue/test-utils

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