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Settings rearrange and filtering improvements

HJ requested to merge settings-and-filtering into develop
  1. Rearranged General and Filtering tabs
    • Moved stuff in General that hides things into Filtering
    • Changed some categories in General, moved more stuff into "Interface" since those settings kinda affect the whole thing. Changed "Timeline" into "Post Look & Feel"
    • Moved some categories into sub-categories of "Post Look & Feel".
    • Overall where stuff is located should be saner.
  2. Added missing "Hide muted threads" option (defaults to true)
  3. Changed how filtering works:
    • hideFilteredStatuses hides EVERYTHING hideable - muted threads, wordfiltered, muted users.
    • hideMutedPosts aka "hideMutedUsers" - only hides posts by muted users
    • Quickfilter now only changes hideFilteredStatuses
  4. Fixes stylistic issue where hidden statuses in notifications would still occupy 1px of height due to border



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