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Expert settings and serverside settings + new defaults

HJ requested to merge expert-settings-and-serverside into develop


Server-side settings

Most of the settings that required form submission now do not. Those settings are marked with a "server" icon
and automatically submit change when (un)ticked. Those settings are not stored locally instead using data from user profile, local copy is initialized as undefined (= uknown), it also set to undefined when changing, if change did not succeed it reverts to previously known setting (without query), if change succeeds setting gets updated from user profile refresh.

what moved where

  • Privacy options in profile like not showing followers/follows now in separate category "Privacy"
  • Default scope and sensitive-by-default are now in Composing section of General tab
    • sidenote PleromaFE had its own "sensitive-by-default" setting, and did not provide way to set server-side equivalent nor respected it. Currently it's still using old one, need to investigate how it works
      • server-side setting doesn't work, simple as. Using current setting for now.
  • Rich text stripping is now in Posts Look & Feel section of General tab
  • All notifications settings are moved to Notifications tab, including filtering.

Expert mode

Settings now has "Expert mode" checkbox at the bottom" to hide/show more settings.

What's considered "expert":

  • Automatic/periodic loading of timeline + pause when unfocused (also now defaults to ON)
    • After asking people around it seems that people do use PleromaFE without it ON and not interesting in turning it on when asked.
  • Websocket streaming
  • Timeline optimization
  • Settings related to "mobile" new post button
  • Emoji reactions on timeline
  • Stripping rich text
  • preloading/single-click NSFW
  • Loop videos (and suboptions)
  • Playing videos in popup frame
  • Svg @ symbol
  • Fading domains
  • Highlight mention of you
  • The entire "fun" category - greentext and (you)s
  • Copy scope
  • Always showing subject field
  • Copy subject setting
  • Minimize post scopes
  • Pad emoji with spaces
  • Hiding (other) users's statistics
  • Hiding posts statistics
  • Number of attachments per post
  • Settings related to WebPush Additionally (after some other MRs have been merged)
  • Display ancestors of the current status in faint text
  • Maximum levels in thread to display by default
  • Show the other replies button (position)

Additionally, some defaults were changed:

  • Automatic streaming of timeline defaults to ON - this is NOT WebSockets but rather automatic polling/showing new posts at the top. I really don't know why it's not on by default, one of those settings that I immediately turn on when opening pleroma.
    • Controversial change, people seem to not use it as often as we thought.
  • Play-on-hover GIFs defaults to ON since that's potentially more accessible and it has proven to be working nicely (or as nice as it can get)
  • Image cropping defaults to OFF since this is always the first thing i change when i open up another instance/my instance from another device

Some other changes:

  • Composing section is now hidden when logged out. Also hidden are the settings that are related to highlighting logged in user, or any settings that refer to something user-related (i.e. muted threads, muted users etc)
  • Removed the warning from websocket option
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