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Update dependency diff to v5 - autoclosed

renovate-bot requested to merge renovate/diff-5.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
diff dependencies major 3.5.0 -> 5.1.0

Release Notes



Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Breaking: UMD export renamed from JsDiff to Diff.
  • Breaking: Newlines separated into separate tokens for word diff.
  • Breaking: Unified diffs now match "quirks"



Compare Source


Compare Source

  • Fix main reference path - b826104



Compare Source

  • #​94 - Missing "No newline at end of file" when comparing two texts that do not end in newlines (@​federicotdn)
  • #​227 - Licence
  • #​199 - Import statement for jsdiff
  • #​159 - applyPatch affecting wrong line number with with new lines
  • #​8 - A new state "replace"
  • Drop ie9 from karma targets - 79c31bd
  • Upgrade deps. Convert from webpack to rollup - 2c1a29c
  • Make ()[]"' as word boundaries between each other - f27b899
  • jsdiff: Replaced phantomJS by chrome - ec3114e
  • Add yarn.lock to .npmignore - 29466d8

Compatibility notes:

  • Bower and Component packages no longer supported



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