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AdminFE functionality in PleromaFE

HJ requested to merge improve_settings_reusability into develop
  • Low-hanging fruit instance settings;
    • Instance meta
    • Basic registrations - related stuff (except for welcome messages)
    • Basic "arbitrary limits" stuff (except for federation)
    • VERY Basic frontend management stuff
      • Let you select default FE
      • Lets you install and update FE
      • Adds develop ref for PleromaFE (pleroma#3072)
  • Basic AttachmentSetting implementation
  • Option and structure to override backend-provided desriptions with frontend ones
  • ChoiceSetting support for admin setting
  • Adapt modal for admin settings
    • Remove backup dropdown
    • Change title
    • Add AdminFE link
    • Add "this is experimental and WIP" plug
  • Add Providers/Consumer to avoid copy-pasting stuff like draft-mode and source="admin" everywhere
  • Instead of using local draft state, use shared draft state
    • Add buttons for dumping/resetting entire draft state
    • Use shared draft state for dependencies instead of live state
    • Add group setting for committing/resetting "grouped" states (i.e. restrict_unauthenticated -> :timelines)
  • Handle case where database config isn't enabled gracefully.

Current plan for tabs:

  • Instance
    • Meta
    • Registrations
    • Access
  • Invites
  • Limits
    • Arbitrary limits (i.e. post count)
    • Rate limits
  • Federation
  • Processing
    • General status processing (i.e. attachment links)
    • Media Proxy
    • Link Formatter
    • OpenGraph/TwitterCard
    • MRF
  • Mailer
  • Integrations
    • Prometheus
    • LDAP
    • BBS/SSH
    • Upload
  • Tuning
    • Job queues
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