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Develop : Add a regex filter of the frontend

Kian-ting Tan requested to merge yoxem/pleroma-fe:develop into develop


  • function: add regex filtering for the posts and statuses for user's flexibility to setting.
  • modified : status & post filter and relative style, i18n and js files, quantity : 10 files: src/services/status_parser/status_parser.js, src/services/notification_utils/notification_utils.js, src/modules/config.js, src/i18n/en.json, src/components/status/status.vue, src/components/status/status.scss, src/components/status/status.js, src/components/settings_modal/tabs/filtering_tab.vue, src/components/settings_modal/tabs/filtering_tab.js, src/components/settings_modal/tabs/filtering_tab.js, src/components/notification/notification.scss
  • known issues:
    • the regexp can't work, whilst the function muteRegexHits in src/services/status_parser/status_parser.js seems to be unworking.
    • once the config backup is imported in the setting box, the imported content is unshown.

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