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Admin emoji pack settings

vaartis requested to merge admin-emoji-settings into develop


  • Added emoji pack management to the pleroma-fe admin panel
    • Creating and deleting packs
    • Viewing and downloading remote packs
    • Editing pack metadata, when changed it shows the wrench icon
    • Uploading and editing individual files. Files that are edited but not saved are highlighted.
  • Added a button to reload and import emojis from the filesystem
  • Not directly emoji related, but also made frontend management not break completely if there is no config in DB
  • New localization included, hopefully I didn't miss any

Currently it loads pack information every time it's mounted, not sure where else to put that. Could maybe somehow be unified with the emoji list used for posting? That can be done later, though.

Does not have any pagination support for packs, so first 25 packs only both locally and remotely. Something that can also be dealt with later, I think. Added pagination. There's still a way to paginate emojis themselves but that requires a significant amount of work to make usable I think.

Old admin fe also had support for downloading emojis from URLs, which would be useful but can probably also be added later.

Local pack


Remote pack


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