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Update dependency function-bind to v1.1.2

renovate-bot requested to merge renovate/function-bind-1.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
function-bind devDependencies patch 1.1.1 -> 1.1.2

Release Notes

Raynos/function-bind (function-bind)


Compare Source

  • Point to the correct file #16
  • [Tests] migrate tests to Github Actions 4f8b57c
  • [Tests] remove jscs 90eb2ed
  • [meta] update .gitignore 53fcdc3
  • [Tests] up to node v11.10, v10.15, v9.11, v8.15, v6.16, v4.9; use nvm install-latest-npm; run audit script in tests 1fe8f6e
  • [meta] add auto-changelog 1921fcb
  • [Robustness] remove runtime dependency on all builtins except .apply f743e61
  • Docs: enable badges; update wording 503cb12
  • [readme] update badges 290c5db
  • [Tests] switch to nyc for coverage ea360ba
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, tape cae5e9e
  • [meta] add funding field; create FUNDING.yml c9f4274
  • [Tests] fix eslint errors from #​15 f69aaa2
  • [actions] fix permissions 99a0cd9
  • [meta] use npmignore to autogenerate an npmignore file f03b524
  • [Dev Deps] update @ljharb/eslint‑config, eslinttape 7af9300
  • [Dev Deps] update eslint, @ljharb/eslint-config, covert, tape 64a9127
  • [Tests] use aud instead of npm audit e75069c
  • [Dev Deps] update @ljharb/eslint-config, aud, tape d03555c
  • [meta] add safe-publish-latest 9c8f809
  • [Dev Deps] update @ljharb/eslint-config, tape baf6893
  • [meta] create 4db1779
  • [Tests] add npm run audit c8b38ec
  • Revert "Point to the correct file" 05cdf0f


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