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WIP: Mastoapi migration

lain requested to merge mastoapi-exploration into develop

WIP stop-the-world mastoapi conversion. I'll keep working on this this weekend and should have the basic framework in place by then, with the remaining missing pieces being fixables in other MRs.

For development ONLY I copied some of the components / modules to _two versions and edited those, so I'd always have a working instance to compare too. Once this is ready for merging, they'll be renamed back.

Old modules and components have been replaced.

Things that work:

  • Basic timeline (public, twkn)
  • User Card Content
  • Notice page
  • Conversations
  • ...


  • Users: Figure out if should contain html or not. TwApi has name_html for this.
  • Users: Fix display for local users (might need backend support!)
  • Users: Fix following
  • Users: Fix follower / following lists
  • Statuses: Check tallness calculation again.
  • Statuses: Bring back emoji.
  • Statuses: Repair deleting
  • Statuses: Fix repeat display.
  • Timelines: Fetching.
  • Timelines: Resurrect code to display only a certain amount of statuses, don't make it grow limitlessly.
  • Timelines: Resurrect direct messages
  • Timelines: Resurrect mentions. (Maybe replace with notifications?)
  • Settings: Bring them back
  • Overall: Fix all TODOs introduced in this MR
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