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Feature/polls attempt 2

lain requested to merge feature/polls-attempt-2 into develop

just opened by me to easier read the diffs t. lain


  • Creating polls, with proper option and expiry setting options, slightly lackluster validation clientside (entries with same name shouldn't be allowed)
  • Voting on polls
  • Seeing poll results that update in real time

Dirty things I had to do:

  • JS for handling the vote ticks, because html label for/id stuff ruins everything
  • Rewrite 'timeago' and move about the i18n stuff to better place
  • Got carried away with some eslint fixes

Multi choice with attachment Screenshot-2019-6-18_Shpposter_Club_4_

Poll results on breezy light Screenshot-2019-6-18__1__Shpposter_Club

Single choice (tick is animated) Screenshot-2019-6-18__2__Shpposter_Club

Poll form opened Screenshot-2019-6-18_Shpposter_Club

Poll results on a theme with more rounding (pleroma dark) Screenshot-2019-6-18_Shpposter_Club_5_

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