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# Pleroma-FE configuration and customization for instance administrators
* *For user configuration, see*
* *For local development server configuration, see*
* *For user configuration, see [Pleroma-FE user guide](*
* *For local development server configuration, see [Hacking, tweaking, contributing](*
## Where configuration is stored
# Pleroma-FE user guide
> Be prepared for breaking changes, unexpected behavior and this user guide becoming obsolete and wrong.
> If there was no insanity
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> --Catbag
# Pleroma-FE user guide
Pleroma-FE user interface is modeled after Qvitter which is modeled after older Twitter design. It provides a simple 2-column interface for microblogging. While being simple by default it also provides many powerful customization options.
## Posting, reading, basic functions.
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