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WIP: Configure instance & FE

href requested to merge href/pleroma:feature/configure-instance into develop

This adds/exposes the config parameters in the instance config:

  • description (new)
    • as site.description in statusnet config (/api/statusnet/config)
    • as description in mastodon api (/api/v1/instance)
    • as metadata.nodeDescription in nodeinfo
  • chat_enabled (new)
    • as site.pleromafe.chatDisabled in statusnet config (see below)
  • logo (new)
    • as site.pleromafe.logo in statusnet config (see below)
  • public
    • as the site.private flag in statusnet config
    • as the metadata.private flag in nodeinfo

This also allows to replace priv/static/static/config.json by site.pleromafe in statusnet config:

config :pleroma, :fe,
  theme: "pleroma-dark",
  background: "/static/aurora_borealis.jpg",
  redirect_root_no_login: "/main/all",
  redirect_root_login: "/main/friends",
  show_instance_panel: true

The format of the JSON object site.pleromafe is the same as the old config.json.

I separated config :pleroma, :instance and config :pleroma, :fe to keep the concerns clear. chat_enabled and logo moved to :instance as they may be useful for something else.

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