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Improved search results for localized nickname match

Ivan Tashkinov requested to merge user-search-nickname-rank-boost into develop
  • Improved search results for localized nickname match.

select similarity('', 'hj'); is 0.15 which is too low, considering that search query is the exact localized nickname (hj).

  • Tweaked user search to rank nickname matches higher than name matches.

Reasoning: nickname is unique (per domain) and name is not. If someone names oneself HJ (which will give similarity score 1 for name), will still be ranked higher (with 0.15 for full nickname match plus 1 for localized nickname match).

  • Fixed users_fts_index usage (the index wasn't used), removed unused trigram index on users.

  • Fixed matching by leading fragment of user domain ( is now returned among results for shigu).

Relates to #1570 (closed)

Edited by Ivan Tashkinov

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