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Separate webfinger domain from host domain

uiri requested to merge uiri/pleroma:domains into develop

This addresses the first part of #201 (closed)

The existing Pleroma.Web.Endpoint host config is equivalent to Mastodon's WEB_DOMAIN. This adds a new config option under Pleroma.Web.Endpoint called domain that is equivalent to Mastodon's LOCAL_DOMAIN.

This PR also modifies webfinger to:

  1. Return the same data for username @ WEB_DOMAIN and for username @ LOCAL_DOMAIN
    Resolving username @ WEB_DOMAIN is necessary because AP servers will use that domain for look up in some situations.
  2. Return username @ LOCAL_DOMAIN as the Subject for both JSON and XML response formats.
    This appears to be the field that Mastodon uses to populate user handles.

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