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Rich Text Redo Branch

lain requested to merge revert-d31bbb1c into develop

This reverts the revert, let's continue work on rich text support in this branch.

things to do

  • BBCode instead of Markdown (arbitrary HTML is too problematic)
  • MRF policy to strip incoming rich text (except links) (MR !345 (merged))
  • configurable restriction of accepted content types
  • user preference to disable rich text (except links) (MR !354 (merged))
  • preview API (to show how the server will render the text exactly)

backend security concerns

  • inline images need to go through mediaproxy at the very least (MR !346 (merged))
  • regression tests for additional common XSS vectors (onerror attribute and similar) (MR !339 (merged))

pleroma fe

  • move rich-text language selection into preferences, use on/off switch
  • preview pane

masto fe (stretch goal tbh)

  • improve handling of rich-text (MR mastofe!2 (merged))
  • authoring support for rich-text
  • preview pane


  • documentation
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