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Adds tests for breaking tag and mention links after text is converted from markdown to html

MK Fain requested to merge mkfain/pleroma:test-for-breaking-markdown into develop

This is related to issues #2356 - tags and mentions not linking in certain conditions when posting in markdown. I don't know how to fix this issue, but it is a pretty big problem for my instance so I decided to write some tests to help identify the problem.

This PR contains six new tests of the formatter which demonstrate three instances in which tags/mentions are linked properly (3 new passing tests), and three instances in which they are not (3 new failing tests).

I hope this is somehow helpful to solving this bug!


polarisera on Spinster has been doing some UI testing to try to help, too, and I believe that we're actually looking at two different problems.

  1. links not being applied to certain tags or mentions by linkify when passed HTML (#2356)
  2. certain hashtags being disappeared entirely (possibly before linkify even gets to it?) (#2376 (closed))

This PR just adds tests for the first problem - linkify not adding links in certain HTML conditions. I'll update if I manage to replicate the second problem in tests, too!

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