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Draft: Misskeyish Drive

Will resolve #2738

  • internal:
    • Ability to list uploaded files by one user (Image and Document)
    • Ability to delete uploaded files (dedupe-aware)
    • Track attachment relationship between Objects
    • Atomicity when performing actions on files (:global)
  • API
    • list media
    • provide information on where media is used
    • delete media
  • [later] User quota for uploading, dynamically assigned using a couple of factors like post numbers, registration date, user tags?
  • [later] Maybe: access control
  • Migration code to scan all uploaded attachments and assign the corresponding upload path (would this be possible?)
    • Add ap ids to all upload objects
    • Create an UploadedFile for each one
    • Legacy ap-id-less upload objects: how to link them?
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