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Draft: Add default Gitlab templates for Issues and MR's

Ilja requested to merge ilja/pleroma:default_gl_templates into develop


When people create a new issue or MR, they will now get a default template. This can be used to give proper information to people about what we need/expect for issues/mr's.

You can test on Pleroma in my namespace (I set this branch as default branch)

This is based partly on what we already had, partly on what we had for newroma, and partly new stuff I added. Pls let me know if there are things you think need changing so I can adapt it.

  • Add some first draft
  • Also peek at what was done for FE (seems pretty good) and update here pleroma-fe!1577 (merged)
  • From @helene in chat: "you mix PR and MR a lot, and maybe specifying what those acronyms are at least one would be nice (writing "merge request" once instead of just MR, for example) :)"
  • Also say something about changelog/docs
  • Maybe check pleroma-meta!1 (merged) if there are other things that's checked during e.g. code review that can be added here
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