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WIP: Implement database persistence of MRF Policies

Hécate requested to merge (removed):mrf/persistence into develop

This Merge Request implements database persistence for MRF Policies


This MR adds another migration that brings the mrf_policies table into the database. Each row is composed of a policy field that accepts a string, and its associated data, in a losely-defined map format.

With a combination of unique indexes and :on_conflict settings, we ensure that only one row exists for each policy. An example of persistence implementation is provided with the KeywordPolicy module (!794 (merged)).

As a side-effect, this commit also brings .iex.exs in the .gitignore file. While it is not essential, developers (and especially newcomers) should be encouraged to define custom aliases & imports to ease development.

Tests have been added. However due to lack of static typing, they have limited value .


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