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  • v1.0.1

    [1.0.1] - 2019-07-14


    • OStatus: fix an object spoofing vulnerability.


    • MRF: Support for excluding specific domains from Transparency.
  • v1.0.0

    [1.0.0] - 2019-06-29


    • Mastodon API: Fix display names not being sanitized
    • Rich media: Do not crawl private IP ranges


    • Scheduled statuses
    • Polls
    • Add a generic settings store for frontends / clients to use.
    • Explicit addressing option for posting.
    • Optional SSH access mode. (Needs erlang-ssh package on some distributions).
    • MongooseIM http authentication support.
    • LDAP authentication
    • External OAuth provider authentication
    • Support for building a release using mix release
    • A job queue for federation, emails, web push, etc.
    • Prometheus metrics
    • Support for Mastodon's remote interaction
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.database bump_all_conversations
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.database remove_embedded_objects
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.database update_users_following_followers_counts
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.user toggle_confirmed
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.config migrate_to_db
    • Mix Tasks: mix pleroma.config migrate_from_db
    • Support for reports
    • Configuration: poll_limits option
    • Configuration: pack_extensions option
    • Configuration: safe_dm_mentions option
    • Configuration: link_name option
    • Configuration: fetch_initial_posts option
    • Configuration: notify_email option
    • Configuration: Media proxy whitelist option
    • Configuration: report_uri option
    • Configuration: limit_to_local_content option
    • AdminFE: initial release with basic user/report management accessible at /pleroma/admin/
    • Metadata: RelMe provider
    • OAuth: added support for refresh tokens
    • Emoji packs and emoji pack manager
    • Object pruning (mix pleroma.database prune_objects)
    • OAuth: added job to clean expired access tokens
    • MRF: Support for rejecting reports from specific instances (mrf_simple)
    • MRF: Support for stripping avatars and banner images from specific instances (mrf_simple)
    • MRF: Support for running subchains.
    • Configuration: skip_thread_containment option
    • Configuration: rate_limit option. See Pleroma.Plugs.RateLimiter documentation for details.
    • MRF: Support for filtering out likely spam messages by rejecting posts from new users that contain links.
    • Configuration: ignore_hosts option
    • Configuration: ignore_tld option
    • Configuration: default syslog tag "Pleroma" is now lowercased to "pleroma"


    • Breaking: bind to instead of by default
    • Breaking: Configuration: move from Pleroma.Mailer to Pleroma.Emails.Mailer
    • Thread containment / test for complete visibility will be skipped by default.
    • Enforcement of OAuth scopes
    • Add multiple use/time expiring invite token
    • Restyled OAuth pages to fit with Pleroma's default theme
    • Link/mention/hashtag detection is now handled by auto_linker
    • Configuration: Dedupe enabled by default
    • Configuration: Default log level in prod environment is now set to warn
    • Configuration: Added extra_cookie_attrs for setting non-standard cookie attributes. Defaults to ["SameSite=Lax"] so that remote follows work.
    • Timelines: Messages involving people you have blocked will be excluded from the timeline in all cases instead of just repeats.
    • Don't ship finmoji by default, they can be installed as an emoji pack
    • Hide deactivated users and their statuses
    • Posts which are marked sensitive or tagged nsfw no longer have link previews.
    • HTTP connection timeout is now set to 10 seconds.
    • Rich Media: crawl only https URLs.


    • Follow requests don't get 'stuck' anymore.
    • Added an FTS index on objects. Running vacuum analyze and setting a larger work_mem is recommended.
    • Followers counter not being updated when a follower is blocked
    • Deactivated users being able to request an access token
    • Limit on request body in rich media/relme parsers being ignored resulting in a possible memory leak
    • Proper Twitter Card generation instead of a dummy
    • Deletions failing for users with a large number of posts
    • NodeInfo: Include admins in staffAccounts
    • ActivityPub: Crashing when requesting empty local user's outbox
    • Federation: Handling of objects without summary property
    • Federation: Add a language tag to activities as required by ActivityStreams 2.0
    • Federation: Do not federate avatar/banner if set to default allowing other servers/clients to use their defaults
    • Federation: Cope with missing or explicitly nulled address lists
    • Federation: Explicitly ensure activities addressed to as:Public become addressed to the followers collection
    • Federation: Better cope with actors which do not declare a followers collection and use as:Public with these semantics
    • Federation: Follow requests from remote users who have been blocked will be automatically rejected if appropriate
    • MediaProxy: Parse name from content disposition headers even for non-whitelisted types
    • MediaProxy: S3 link encoding
    • Rich Media: Reject any data which cannot be explicitly encoded into JSON
    • Importing follows from Mastodon 2.8+
    • User-Agent is now sent correctly for all HTTP requests.
    • MRF: Simple policy now properly delists imported or relayed statuses


    • Configuration: config :pleroma, :fe in favor of the more flexible config :pleroma, :frontend_configurations

    For more API/federation changes refer to the the changelog

  • v0.9.99999   v.0.99999

    [0.9.99999] - 2019-05-31


    • Mastodon API: Fix lists leaking private posts
    • HTML escaping: Lock down allowed class attributes to only those related to microformats
  • v0.9.9999
    3591b7c1 · Update versions. ·

    Security fixes.

  • v0.9.999   The 0.9.999 release.

    Frontend changes only.


    • Fix . activating when typing a message
    • Fix gaps when scrolling down on a timeline after showing new
    • Added floating action button for posting status on mobile
    • Changed user-settings icon to a pencil
  • v0.9.99   0.9.99 bugfix release.


    [0.9.99] - 2019-03-08


    • Update the frontend to the 0.9.99 tag
    • Sign the date header in federation to fix Mastodon federation.
  • v0.9.9   The first stable release! 0.9.9.
    e58596bb · Bump version. ·

    Pleroma 0.9.9

    Pleroma is a microblogging server software that can federate (= exchange messages with) other servers that support the same federation standards (OStatus and ActivityPub). What that means is that you can host a server for yourself or your friends and stay in control of your online identity, but still exchange messages with people on larger servers. Pleroma will federate with all servers that implement either OStatus or ActivityPub, like Friendica, GNU Social, Hubzilla, Mastodon, Misskey, Peertube, and Pixelfed.

    This is our first stable release.

    For installation instructions, please take a look at the wiki.