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Izalia Mae requested to merge dev into master

Just need to comb through the code again before merging this and creating a new release


  • 4d121ada Forward all non-Follow Undos
  • e3bf4258 Add Nodeinfo 2.0 endpoint
  • b87e5234 Add spec file for building an executable with pyinstaller
  • d08bd662 Use signature keyid instead of object actor to fetch actor


  • c0d55ceb Use activity id for caching to prevent activities with already relayed objects from being ignored
  • dcb7980c Prevent old unfollows from booting instances
  • 8fd712c8 Always fetch nodeinfo software name to prevent exception in inbox
  • ef5d4bc5 Only fetch commit hash if in running from git repo
  • 6960c8d6 Return 400 error if "resource" is missing from webfinger query
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