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Version 0.2.4

Izalia Mae requested to merge dev into master

Mostly backend changes and fixes this time around. Also note the python version bump (>= 3.7).


  • 24205238 Use correct variable for cli_inbox_follow
  • a838e432 Fix NameError in views.inbox
  • 017363ec Fix nodeinfo fetching in run_processor
  • fbe5746a Fix NameError in cli_whitelist_remove
  • 32764a1f Make sure domain key exists for inboxes
  • 15b31492 Various fixes for docker instances
  • 335146a9 Fix NameError in cli_setup
  • 5397bb46 Only use hs2019 for mastodon instances
  • 1a7abb4e Completely rework distill_inboxes to avoid ghost boosts
  • dcca1eb0 HttpClient fixes
    • HttpClient.get: Simplify usage of loads kwarg
    • HttpClient.fetch_nodeinfo: Replace removed request with HttpClient.get
  • f7e1c6b0 Make sure db config option is a string when saving
  • 3b89aa5e Sort out cli issues
    • Add whitelist import command which adds all current inboxes to the whitelist
    • Add config list command to be more consistent with the rest of the layout
    • Various fixes
  • 9f58c88e Fix NameError when getting nodeinfo software name in processors
  • 7d37ec81 Remove await from push_message and reject non-system actors
  • 8f16cab0 Prevent AttributeError in HttpClient.fetch_nodeinfo
  • e281a06e Correctly call


  • 9839da90 Add optional push worker threads
  • c96640bf Add config cli commands
  • 10301ecb Update example config
  • 130111c8 Update documentation with updated config parameters
  • eab8a310 Add documentation for whitelist import and config list commands
  • dc74bfb5 Prevent certain config options from being changed in docker instances
  • aa8090ee Don't prompt for ignored config options in docker instances

Backend changes

  • d4955828 Return Nodeinfo object from fetch_nodeinfo
  • 9369b598 Add software name for inboxes
  • 4ea6a040 Optimize RelayDatabase.get_inbox
  • 306b5268 Add properties to aiohttp.web.Request
  • 4a8a8da7 Add software kwarg to RelayDatabase.add_inbox
  • ba9f2718 Use new request properties and only fetch nodeinfo on follow
  • ffe14bea Ignore account deletes
  • c0496577 Fetch nodeinfo software name on inbox request instead of startup
  • 39597191 Organize
  • da56d4bb Add extra logging in misc.request
  • 8541f637 Add timeout option to misc.request
  • b85b4ab8 Create HttpClient class to avoid creating a new session for every request
  • 5d01211a Add aputils module for hs2019 support
  • a640db8f Update list of active relay software
  • d5b9053f Replace various classes with ones from aputils
  • b0851c06 Remove
  • 90234a97 Move apkeys out of RelayConfig and rename relay_software_names
  • 6b86bb7d Remove leftover semaphore property
  • 3968799d Make sure exceptions don't bring down workers
  • 0e45763e Remove unnecessary config update
  • a742e7fb Update setup.cfg and requirements.txt
    • Move dependencies to requirements.txt
    • Add reference to requirements.txt for setup_requires in setup.cfg
    • Bump minimum python version to 3.7 (aputils requirement)
    • Add reference to relay.__version__ for version in setup.cfg
    • Update aptuils to 0.1.3

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