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[#1559] Support for "follow_request" notifications

Ivan Tashkinov requested to merge 1559-follow-request-notifications into develop

Closes #1559 (closed):

  • prevents "... followed you" notifications for pending follows
  • adds support for follow request notifications

FE issue: pleroma-fe#823 (closed)

Note: follow_request notifications aren't currently supported by PleromaFE (and cause issues like any other unrecognized notifications, see pleroma-fe#822 (closed)), thus disabled by default. This causes no follow / follow_request notifications for pending follows.

With follow_request notifications enabled, they are created for pending follows. Accepting a follow doesn't generate new notification (intentionally, since accepting is a user-initiated action, and accepter doesn't need to be notified on own action) but previous notification (initially having type: "follow_request") will be rendered with type: "follow" (as reflected in tests).

To enable, add config :pleroma, :notifications, enable_follow_request_notifications: true to config/dev.secret.exs.

P.S. This MR is fully compatible with existing and previous versions of PleromaFE, as is (since it disables [:notifications, :enable_follow_request_notifications]). Thus, it's mergeable independently from PleromaFE updates. ;)

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